Keynote speakers

Prof. Muhammed Basheer (Fellow of RAE/IAE/ICE)

University of Leeds, UK

Professor P.A. Muhammed Basheer, Chair in Structural Engineering at University of Leeds, Leeds, United Kingdom, has been an educationalist and researcher in the field of civil (structural) engineering for more than 30 years. His research work includes the development of new test techniques for measuring transport properties of concrete, assessment of the effect of new materials and methods for improving the durability of concrete, prediction of service life of reinforced concrete structures by non-destructive testing and structural health monitoring, relationships between micro-structural properties and the durability of concrete and the use of industrial by-products and waste materials in concrete.
Prof. Basheer is an elected Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers since 2003, the American Concrete Institute since 2005, the Irish Academy of Engineering since February 2012, Royal Academy of Engineering since November 2014, Institute of Concrete Technology since March 2015 and Institution of Structural Engineers since 2015. He was also a member of the UK Research Excellence Framework sub-panel B-14 on Civil Engineering and Construction. He has been an external examiner for candidates for the degree of DSc in Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh and University of Liverpool, PhD in Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh, Aston University Birmingham, Leeds University, University of Liverpool, University of Cardiff, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Imperial College London, University of Loughborough, National Institute of Technology Calicut, India, National Institute of Technology Suratkal, India, University fo Nantes, France and Monash University, Australia.
He is an editor of the international journal of Construction and Building Materials from January 2012 and was an associate editor of the International Journal of Civil Structural Health Monitoring from 2012 to 2015. He is a member of the editorial board of the International journal of Structural Engineering (IJStructE) since 2009.

Prof. Eric J. Strauss

Michigan State University, USA

Dr. Eric J. Strauss is a Professor of Urban & Regional Planning in SPDC at MSU. He is a former Director of the Urban and Regional Planning Program. He has more than 40 years of experience in planning practice in both the public and private sector. Dr. Strauss has been a planner for federal and state governments, a City and County Planning Director, a City Attorney and a consultant to more than 50 organizations, both public and private, on a wide variety of planning related issues. He has prepared many comprehensive plans and land use regulations at all levels of detail for many communities.

Plenary speaker

Prof. João Pedro Costa

University of Lisbon, Portugal

João Pedro Costa is a Professor of Urbanism at the University of Lisbon. He is the President of the CIAUD – Research Center on Architecture, Urbanism and Design; and the Coordinator of the PhD Program in Urbanism. He develops the research and consultancy activity in the areas of adaptation to climate change; waterfront rehabilitation; and spatial planning policies. In 2017/2021 he is a Councilman at the City of Lisbon, without executive functions.

Invited speakers

Prof. Sonia Lupica Spagnolo

Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Sonia Lupica Spagnolo is Assistant Professor at Politecnico di Milano in the Department of Architecture, Built environment and Construction engineering (ABC). She has a Ph.D. in Building Systems and Processes, and a Master of Science in Building Engineering. Her research interests and expertise lie in the areas of building process optimisation, information integration in construction, maintenance management, durability, performance decay over time and energy efficiency. She is author of about 90 publications (among which 8 books, 2 e-books, more than 30 papers on peer-reviewed journals, 40 papers on conference proceedings, and 9 chapters on research monographs).

Dr. Anna Stefańska

Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

Dr. Anna Stefańska is a Researcher at Warsaw University of Technologyin the Department of Architecture. Holding diplomas in two fields: Architecture and Civil Engineering, she also has a Ph.D. in Generative tools applied in structural optimization. Her research interests cover interdisciplinary structural optimization, whichemploys Architectural Algorithmic Design, Structural Design, Material and Technological aspects of Fabrication. She is also a member of an international research lab, which focuses on energy efficiency and material optimization in all stages, from the earlystage of design to maintenance management.